Is whistleblowing good or bad?

In operating independent whistleblowing services for several major organisations such as Sainsbury’s, Virgin and Arqiva, both we and our clients have concluded that whistleblowing is very good for all stakeholders.  It provides an early warning system for many types of potential problems (ranging from serious crime through to safety concerns) which if not swiftly addressed could seriously impact stakeholder value, reputation, profit and lives.  It also provides stakeholders with some comfort that their concerns will be heard and professionally addressed.

The collapses of Enron, Worldcom, Barings and the global banking crisis might all have been avoided if someone had spoken out sooner and others had listened and acted.  In these cases traditional forms of governance (i.e. Board control, risk management, external audit, internal audit and budgeting) were insufficient and late in delivering the vital messages to shareholders.

Risk Avert’s whistleblowing (Speak Out) services provide 24/7/365 safeguards allowing concerns to be reported by any method such as over the Internet or by telephone, fax, email, text or letter.  We seamlessly integrate with internal security and audit departments providing them with an effective whistleblowing processes, case management systems and automated executive reporting.  To find out more about or customised services click here..