Why are projects so risky?

Flying an airplane in level flight is not too difficult, but making major maneuvers is challenging.  Running an organisation is similar, most managers are comfortable keeping established processes running but when change is needed  (i.e. new projects) a different set of skills and experiences are required and some of the passengers get concerned.  In short, projects are risky because:

>  Organisations are resourced for running daily operations and not for implementing complex change .
>  Projects frequently involve multi-discipline complexity, for example technology and systems integration.
>  Many people do not like change and some will actively resist.
>  Projects becoming driven by “user wish lists” rather than strategic priorities and operational necessities.
>  Lack of executive support and project managers and staff with insufficient skills.
>  Project managers being ”reporters of deviations” rather than solvers of problems.
>  Organisation becomes over dependent on suppliers and think that fixed price contracts will eliminate all risks.

To find out more and how these problems might be overcome read on..

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