Strategic Budgeting Workshops

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, it is essential for business strategy, investment and operational funding to be driven by market positioning decisions. Organisations that plan proactively, prioritise and budget will normally outperform their competitors that react to change once it happened.

Clearly, a business strategy requires a comprehensive knowledge of relevant markets and an excellent assessment of how best to position products and services in the context of current organisational capabilities. However, once this decision is taken, then the entire organisations structure, funding and capabilities must be re prioritised to meet any changes in the strategic goal.

Most executives aim to follow the process described above, but they are frequently frustrated by the time, cost and trouble it takes to re-prioritise the existing organisation in line with the new objectives. Unfortunately, they find that existing structures, managers, staff, budgets, projects and systems are baked into what was required yesterday and change is painstakingly slow and costly, both financially and emotionally.

These workshops will show executives and managers a method of
operational planning and budgeting that will make their organisations:

> Agile to change and aligned with strategic objectives.
> Cost effective with leaner service levels, processes, functions and suppliers.
> Manageable by services levels, both internal and external.
> Have better visibility of management capabilities and performance.
> Planning and budgeting decisions, more transparent and auditable.

Who will benefit

These workshops are aimed at aspiring executives and managers across all the professional disciplines that are involved in performance improvement. It is applicable to both the private and public sector.

What you can gain

As a minimum, attendees will learn effective techniques of budgeting, cost control and cost reduction. At most, they may discover ways to enhance the planning and budgeting of their organizations, which may lead to achieving substantial cost reductions.

Speaker Details

Philip Thew FCMA, FIMC, FICM is a top thought leader in the field of performance management and has guided many multinational organisations in matters relating to cost optimisation and reduction. He has written articles, books and software on the subject of performance management, service automation, resource management and medical systems. Organisations such as Sainsbury’s, RTE Television, Globo Television, Virgin Media, NHS, Arqiva, Blatchford’s and others have independently commissioned Philip to design and develop innovative solutions based upon his ideas.

Philip has also been an advisor and consultant to many other organisations in many sectors advising on a broad range of subject and project managing complex projects.


Workshop 1Executive Overview (Understand Strategic Budgeting in one day)

Workshop 2Preparing To Implement a Strategic Budgeting Process (How to win before you start)

Workshop 3Analysing Current Performance and Opportunities (identifying easy improvement opportunities)

Workshop 4Service Level Planning and Prioritisation (Prioritising spend and identifying significant improvements )

Workshop 5Benefit Realisation and Tracking (Making sure all improvements are delivered on time and within budget)

Workshop 1 must be taken before attending any of the subsequent workshops.  Click on the workshop of your choice for full details and to book.  To book the entire series, or place several attendees on a course will entitle the booking organisation to a discount. For more information on the courses and discounts contact