Strategic Budgeting – Service Level Planning and Prioritisation

You have completed the analysis phase of a Strategic Budgeting exercise and already found some improvement opportunities based on the current way management operate, in addition you and the organisation in general have a deeper knowledge of processes, activities and functions.

Now you must see how processes, functions and service levels can be realigned to meet strategic needs.

This workshop will teach you how to understand, plan, budget and prioritise the service levels of every part of the organisation in line with the strategic needs yield substantial benefits in knowledge and costs.  The workshop will explain how to:

>     Train and motivate managers in service level planning and incremental budgeting
>     Structure questions to facilitate service level planning and overcoming objections
>     structuring challenge and prioritisation committees
>     Prioritising service levels
>     Setting organisation funding levels and selecting service levels
>     Eliminating unwanted service levels

Case study examples will include RTE, Royal Mail and ACCO.

The course starts with registration and coffee at 9.30 and ends at 4.30. Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea are provided.

For information on dates email

The price of the workshop is £395 per delegate plus VAT.  This price includes refreshments and lunch.  Corporate discounts are available multiple bookings and existing clients.