Overhead Cost Optimisation

Risk Avert frequently helps organisations to achieve processes, productivity and cost rate improvements.  We can contribute to identifying and analysing opportunities and in delivering the required solutions.

We are experienced in most methods of cost optimisation including ”process re-engineering”, “lean management”, “priority based planning” , “zero base budgeting” , “supplier management”, “Scorecards” and “Benchmarking”.  In addition, we have a wide range of ERP, CRM, financial and logistic systems knowledge.  Our combination of business knowledge, optimisation techniques and systems applications make us excellent business performance improvement partners.

In 2011, Risk Avert launched OPTIMISER, the first computerised approach to reducing and optimising overhead expenditure, it is “cost optimisation in a box” reducing the time, effort and cost of business transformation programmes.

It is the one and only computer system of its type, embracing the very best methods and techniques used by international strategic consultancies.  It guides management through a comprehensive programme to identify, target, plan, prioritise and deliver cost optimisation.  The structured programme supports management in:

>  Prioritising all expenditure against strategic priorities.
>  Introducing greater rigour into the budgetary challenge process.
>  Exposing and quantifying process, activity and functional efficiency opportunities.
>  Identifying and prioritise service levels.
>  Planning and justify budgets for all service levels.
>  Prioritising funding and financial contingency plans.
>  Planning and budget reorganisation costs.
>  Producing organisational budgets.
>  Monitoring the entire programme.

More about this methodology and system can be found here..