Healthcare Optimisation

Risk Averts web based systems optimise healthcare resources and costs.  Operational in 15+ NHS hospitals they have been proved to be effective, reliable, easy to use and easy to implement.

Cost Optimisation Programmes. With the UK Department of Heath seeking  £20 billion of savings across the NHS, many hospitals are carrying out extensive studies to identify, prioritise and implement change.  Risk Avert’s Optimiser methodology and systems will help them undertake such studies, prioritise services levels and monitor changes.  To find out more click here,.

Patient Administration and Logistics. Risk Averts systems have been easily implemented in over 15 Trusts at a relatively low cost.  The systems manage patient information, plan appointments, maintain patient notes, prescribe treatments, order treatments, account for the clinical transactions and drive the logistics and resourcing processes. To find out more click here..

> Governance Systems. Risk Avert provides a range of governance applications that can optimise organisation’s processes, minimising risks and liabilities.   To find out more click here..