Risk Avert provide software and professional service solutions that are designed to optimise: processes and activities; functions and service levels; resourcing; supplier performance; and cost rates.


  • Process Optimisation. Risk Avert delivers a comprehensive methodology and a system to optimise overhead expenditure, prioritise services levels and re prioritise functional budget allocations.  To find out more click here.. 
  • Governance Optimisation. Risk Avert provides 24/7/365 safeguards from risks, wrongdoings and claims against the organisation.  We provide whistleblowing solutions as well as systems covering risk management, gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interests, health and safety, crime reporting and others.  To find out more click here..

  • Project Optimisation. Risk Avert has an excellent record of managing complex projects and has a range of methodologies, systems and services to optimise and prioritise project expenditure. To find out more click here..

  • Healthcare Optimisation. In addition to all Risk Averts solutions being applicable to healthcare, Risk Avert has also developed a comprehensive suite of healthcare applications. To find out more click here..

  • Logistic Optimisation. Risk Avert provides resource management and logistics solutions that ensure that the costs at every stage of the supply chain are optimised.  From sales order  processing through to supplier management. We work with clients and leading software vendors to ensure processes are as lean as possible. To find out more click here.. 
  • Mergers and Acquisition Optimisation. Risk Averts delivers a methodology and system that drives in-depth operational due diligence programmes and develops the post acquisition strategy, plans and budgets.
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