Mergers & Acquisitions

Risk Avert systems, methods and experience are ideal when analysing M&A targets and defining the post integration strategy.  Our approach goes beyond traditional due diligence by focusing on processes, systems, people and costs, systematically identifying opportunities, risks, plans, future operating budgets and reorganisation costs.

Risk Avert frequently helps organisations to achieve processes, productivity and cost rate improvement.  We contribute significantly to identifying and analysing opportunities and delivering the required solutions.  These same skills can be applied rapidly to M&A opportunities ensuring that the target is fully analysed in operational detail with all opportunities and risks being identified and realistic integration plans and budgets defined.

In 2011, Risk Avert launched OPTIMISER, the first computerised approach to reducing and optimising overhead expenditure, it is “cost optimisation in a box” reducing the time, effort and cost of business transformation programmes.  This can also be applied to M&A targets.

It is the one and only computer system of its type, embracing the very best methods and techniques used by international strategic consultancies.  It guides management or the “M&A team” through a comprehensive programme to identify, target, plan, prioritise and delivering cost optimisation.  The structured programme supports management in:

>  Prioritising all expenditure against future strategic priorities.
>  Introducing greater rigour into the analysis, challenge and risk assessment of each process and function.
>  Exposing and quantifying process, activity and functional efficiency opportunities.
>  Identifying and prioritising potential service levels.
>  Planning and justify budgets for all service levels.
>  Prioritising funding and financial contingency plans.
>  Planning and budget reorganisation costs.
>  Producing organisational budgets.
>  Monitoring the entire programme.

Unlike traditional due diligence, the information collected, decisions taken and budgetary assumptions are recorded in the system and that information is available to management during and after the M&A.  This provides an excellent audit trail of what was discussed and agreed by all parties before the integration process commenced and then the subsequent changes.

Risk Avert has helped many organisations such as ALCOA, ACCO and Guinness, following a M&A.  We have provided them with project managers and integration specialists.  We have also worked with management to overcome the people issues that invariably arise during periods of rapid change.

More about this methodology and system can be found in the OPTIMISER FACT SHEET